Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 2 of the Olympics, and we have almost 2 feet of snow - hard to tell with the drifting. The knitting is on track, though I'm going to have to pace myself. The circular needles are short (16"), and I may be holding on too tightly. Twinges in my left elbow and right hand. Based on my splits - 1 row of 32 stitches takes less than 3 minutes, which multiplies out to 13 hours of knitting. Quite doable in 16 days. So I'll do a little at a time, and try to relax as I knit. At first I thought I'd greatly overestimated the time required, but with the need to take it slow I should be right on schedule of one ring a day, with 2 on weekends, as there are 20 total.

I had to get out the calculator and figure out the diameter of the rings, as the circumference is 10.5". That equates to a diameter of 3.34", so I'm okay there. The rings of the scarf on the cover of the book appear to be bigger than that. We'll see. So far the rest of my family thinks the scarf is "interesting". Not the highest of praise. Posted by Picasa


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