Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Summer Camp!

I'm going to weaving camp! Well, as soon as I call tomorrow and register, then wait 4 1/5 months for the end of June. I'm taking all of the advice, from the Yahoo! Weaving group, that taking a class is the best way to learn to weave on a floor loom. The alternative being to teach myself. And since I have been less than successful in convincing DH that I need a floor loom, having never even been in the same room as one, finding a class is much easier.

But not that easy. There aren't any convenient classes that I can take locally, so the next step is to search a little further afield. After much web surfing, I called Harrisville Designs today, and found that they still have openings in the June class, as well as room in the boardinghouse on the third floor. That fits in nicely with our potential 4th of July holiday on Bear Island in Meredith, NH. We rarely think about these things far enough ahead of time to find open spots, so I'm thrilled.

While at Harrisville Designs, my plan is to check out the looms, with the ultimate goal of buying a kit and putting it together. That's the long term plan - Christmas 2006?


Blogger Christine said...

Sounds like you've got a plan! BTW, Great to "meet" you.

4:52 PM  

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