Thursday, February 16, 2006


I'm just about on schedule for the chain-link scarf... It's day 7 of the Olympics, and I have 7 out of 20 sections complete. Another one tonight, then more than one a day for the 4-day weekend. If only Kiffy wouldn't insist on sleeping in my lap on car trips, I could get a lot done on the car trip to Vermont tomorrow. Here's hoping that history doesn't repeat. Being uber-cute while asleep only gets her so far.

Then, in between the KO project, I'm working on a "school spirit" scarf for DS, in Rogers Park blue and green.

I even remembered to bring it with me this morning, so I could knit as we wait for the bus. Unfortunately, the unoccupied needle has been serving double-duty with the chain link scarf, for the casting on of each section. Casting onto the 16" circular needles is a bear. So, the needle was with the other knitting. The bus was late, too, so I could have done several rows.

Last but not least, I bought the yarn for DD to knit belts as birthday presents, pattern courtesy of the 365 Knitting Patterns a day calendar.


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