Monday, February 18, 2008

A Snood while waiting

I occasionally get random phone calls and text messages from J at school, wanting to know things like why I took my maiden name as my middle name when I got married (the short answer is that if I had gone the hyphenation route, as was popular way back then, my initials would have been B.A.R-F. 'nuf said) and other sorts of questions. So she called last week to find out if I would make her friend A. a snood for her birthday. Since I had just ordered the additional yarn for the Seville jacket, I said sure. Ravelry provided me with a knitting pattern from Twisted Stitches, and my stash provided the yarn, Optimum DK from SWTC in silver (from my first Secret Pal exchange, thanks Mama-E!). I cast on, and here's the result:

We stayed home for the long weekend, T. had Friday and Monday off, DH had Monday and Tuesday off so not worth going away. As it turns out, T. was busy and DH quite under the weather healthwise, so I had some time on my hands. So I watched the instructional DVD and started a little practice piece on my triangular loom. The DVD is very good, and full of "a-ha, so that's how that works" moments for me. I have some cotton chenille on a cone which I'm using for this, whatever it is. The main concern is the amount of space between the warp and weft threads, so a worsted weight yarn may not be heavy enough. It will be perfect for DH's handspun.

I had purchased some Berroco Ultra Alpaca when A Stitch in Time had a sale with the idea of making a shawl; if it fulls up a bit when done it may work okay.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Algebra for Knitting

So, I finished all of the pieces of the Seville jacket, and just have to knit the cable border that goes all around the edges. 72 inches of cable border. Based on the amount of yarn remaining, there's no way. So I knit up a bit, and did some calculations. The first one is to figure out the grams per inch of the 2" long knit sample.

5 grams of sample plus needle minus 3 grams per needle = 2 grams per sample, or 1 gram per inch. So, I need 70 additional grams of yarn.

I have 31 grams. Not nearly enough. So, I ordered another skein from Green Mountain Spinnery, with the hope that no one will notice a dye lot difference, as the cable section will look slightly different anyway.

This leaves me with one WIP, so off to figure out what is next!