Monday, February 20, 2006

Lamb's Yarn Shop Closes!

One of my lasting memories from visiting, first grandparents, then parents and now mom, in Rutland, VT were our occasional visits to Lamb's Yarn Shop. It occupied a couple of rooms in the owner's house with yarn occupying every square inch, leaving little room to walk around. We tended to visit in the winter, because the radiator was always blasting away. Notice my use of the past tense - this past Saturday was the last day it was open. Jackie and I went to get yarn for her projects, and it was her first trip to a true "LYS". We were excited to see the 30% off of everything Sale sign, until we found out why. It didn't stop us from stocking up, and Jackie turning into the bad influence. "Mom, buy this. Mom, buy that one." So the pinkish-red mohair, chinchilla and blue cotton/linen are mine, and the green variegated, pink and blue variegated, and obnoxious rainbow parrot are Jackie's. The green variegated has already been knit and frogged, as we didn't buy enough for the width of the scarf, and don't know where to get more. So it will become a narrower scarf, hopefully by Friday.


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