Saturday, March 04, 2006

Felting is easy?

Lots of post-Olympic activity, now that all available free time hasn't been sucked up into the KO scarf and RPMS scarf.

The big excitement for the day was trying to felt the swatch for the red mohair. I'm not thrilled with the pattern yet, but figured it was good to test on. It felted far more quickly and solidly than expected - yielding a slightly obscene felted "thing". We put the swatch in a net bag, and threw it in the washing machine with 2 pairs of jeans. Ended up using the kitchen tongs to fish the bag out of the soapy water. We didn't check closely enough after 5 minutes, and let it go for a little longer. I'm anxious to try again, but don't want to sacrifice the mohair to be a drink coaster.



It took several tries, but I finally decided how to knit up the cotton/linen I picked up at the Lamb's Yarn Shop last day in business sale. Lacy patterns didn't show at all, so I picked a design from Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge.

Jackie finished the scarf for Emily, who is delighted with it. She tried to get it while still on the needles; Jackie had to explain "unintentional frogging" to her.

Last but not least, the Rigid Heddle Loom is all warped for another try at kitchen towels. Given the thickness of the Peaches 'n' Cream yarn, it is set up for 8 EPI on the 10-dent heddle; I skipped one dent out of every five. This time I'll weave half an inch of #10 crochet yarn to give me something to hem, then start with the white and alternate with the variegated.


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