Sunday, November 26, 2006

Several Almost FOs

There are several projects that are almost, but not quite done.

First we have the wine bottle cozy from Knitty, lacking just a ribbon to thread through the top. Instead of the cord in the pattern, I'm going with a silvery sparkly ribbon to liven up the design. There's an arrow pointing to the eventual location of the ribbon - I also need to work on my arrow-drawing skills.

Then we have Mrs. Stegs. She's been in a WIP since the middle of summer. Now she just needs her spinal plates to be attached, and a face and she's all done.
The second Fetching just needs a thumb, and an owner. It's a toss-up as to whether DH or DS will get them; let's just say that they're NOT fighting over them.

The ultimate unfinished object, Icarus, is slowly approaching the finish line. Row 13 of Chart 4 is complete. There is one benefit in knitting this so slowly - I just found an errata for the pattern, for the last few lines of Chart 4. Mim (who designed Icarus) knit Icarus again, and found a slight error in the pattern. One hopes that I would have figured it out when I got there, but better not to have chanced it.

The next project is a scarf for DH's mom, from the roving that he spun. Possible swatching tonight.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

In which DD knits a baby hat..

This is the hat that DD knit for a dear family friend that is expecting her first child. I had a wonderful post written about it, and deleted it by mistake. Don't blog and talk on the phone at the same time, I guess.
The pattern is the Cap with Rolled Brim from Dale of Norway's Designs for Baby. The yarn is Plymouth's Wildflower DK, a cotton/acrylic that is machine washable, but dry flat.

This was DD's first experience with DPN, and as she didn't know that it was considered difficult, had only a couple of problems. She figured out how to pick up a dropped stitch, and has been introduced to the mind-numbing aspect of plain stockinette stitch in non-variegated yarn.

Our friend will be thrilled that DD made something, so since the baby is due in less than a month, we'll get this in the mail ASAP.

Friday, November 10, 2006

November Flowers

Is Mother Nature confused?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Icarus is kicking my butt

I've finally reached the last few rows of Chart 3, but it hasn't been easy. It takes the utmost in concentration, carefully counting, checking stitches, and still these rogue yarnovers appear. So, depending on where I discover them, I let them drop, or have to knit back. Luckily the alpaca laceweight is pretty forgiving. I was within minutes of shoving it into my stash, to be dealt with later (or never) when I checked "one last time" and realized that the errors weren't as bad as I thought.
I love the feel of this shawl! It is soft and squishy - I wonder what blocking will do?

Then we have fetching, in Jo Sharp Aran Tweed. The first try was a bit big on me, so I went from 45 to 40 stitches.
This one is still a bit big, and has a "manly" look with the dark gray tweed, so DH might get them. He tried on the one finished glove and it fit fine - finally something knit that he likes!

Last, and not least at all, is the first yarn off of the new wheel. It has the usual newbie problems, but is spun and plied and washed and I'll knit it up tomorrow.
There's enough for a swatch.