Thursday, March 16, 2006

Second, and third, times a charm

I've taken the plunge, and started knitting a sock. Well, hopefully a pair of socks. First there was the practice sock. Then, I started a real sock. Did the swatch on the DPNs, to make sure they didn't affect the gauge. Everything looked good, so I got started. Put my little sock in my new Jordana Paige bag, and knit while waiting for the bus with Taylor, knit while waiting for Jackie to get out of play practice, knit at the youth group dessert eating meeting. Made great progress. Got the the heel flap, and tried it on. Just a bit huge. If there was any chance of Jeff wearing these socks, I would have kept going. But not these colors. So, ripped it out, all six inches of sock, and started over with an inch less of circumference. I'll try it on soon, and see how it goes.

Practice and real socks Posted by Picasa

Along with the Jordana Paige bag, I received my cotton yarn - a nice off-white, and the wrong pattern! Very funky, one-shoulder sleeveless tops and dresses, that Jackie and I would never wear. WEBS is great, and sent out the correct one, while we've mailed back the wrong one. Hopefully that will arrive soon, so I can have the sweater and sock for my trip to Lafayette, Indiana. If I have to spend all that time traveling, I want to knit on the way.


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