Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bad sock karma?

I really don't know how it happened, but somewhere, sometime, I must have done something to create bad sock karma. I'm not a newbie; I learned to knit before I was ten. I even knit TWO aran sweaters; one for my brother and one for DH. (side note: it's far too warm a sweater for him to ever wear, so, next winter, I'm taking it back) So knitting a pair of socks, even though I had never done it before, should have been an interesting challenge. Not overwhelming, but enough to make it fun.

This bad sock karma manifested itself in incredible stupidity on the knitter's part. I knit, realized the screw-up, frogged and reknit enough to have knit three socks. It's all worth it, though, because now I have these:

Sockotta yarn, color 6674
Extra knitting:

- 1 leg part - first time around was much too big, which I didn't realize until I got to the heel flap. (If DH would have worn these socks, I would have kept going. Not in this lifetime.)
- 1 heel flap - first time around forgot to slip the first stitch of every row.
- 2 toes - first sock was fine. Second sock (see post below) somehow I decided to start the decreases two inches too early. Frogged, reknit, then started the decreases 2 rows too early which messed up the identicalness of the socks (can't tell from the picture, but they are identical. My feet aren't) and would have made the second sock too short. So I went back, knit a few more rows and then did the decrease.

- Unfortunately, I had cut the yarn and was ready to graft before I discovered the problem. Hope the knot where I joined the yarn again isn't in a sensitive part of my foot.


Blogger twobrownears said...

Hey Elizabeth!

Congrats on the first of many pairs of socks you shall knit. I am a confirmed socknitting addict on hiatus due to a very bad case of carpel tunnel syndrome. I cannot touch a set of double points until after Low Sunday (the Sunday after Easter). If I knit even one stitch I risk loseing the ability to knit ever again.

But that aside, have you ever visited If not, give it a view. It is a place where confirmed socknitting addicts go to get more addicted and find better ways to stay that way!!

1:21 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

I love your socks, and I'm so impressed your first pair came out identical. I did my first pair with plain gray yarn, because I was afraid of matching up stripes!!! They certainly look like they were worth all the effort they took. My first pair took a few tries too. I agree with TwoBrownEars that sock knitting will get very addicted . . .as does sock yarn buying, as you saw on my blog. Thanks for "enabling" me . . you are so right, 22 pairs of socks in a sock drawer would be nothing! I loved that comment. :)

2:18 PM  

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