Sunday, June 24, 2007

The start of a project

This scarf has most of my favorite colors, and I've decided that I'd like a summer sweater that goes with it. That's the easy part. Coming up with a pattern and appropriate yarn will be more difficult.
I'd like to use bamboo and/or a bamboo blend, to take advantage of its cooling properties. My preference is for a heavier weight yarn, worsted weight or thicker, and for the yarn to be variegated. In other words, a quick knit that doesn't need a complicated stitch pattern to be interesting. I like the look of this tank from Crystal Palace (also in the 2007 Pattern a Day calendar), but not the yarn (it's 100% nylon).

Artfibers has some interesting yarns, but not bamboo. Phyz is a cotton/nylon blend (70% cotton) that knits up at 4 spi on #10 needles, so should be quick.

So I'll be surfing the internet, especially Ravelry, and looking through my knitting books to try to find the perfect ingredients for this sweater. I'm thinking if I find the yarn, then the pattern can be worked out.

Stay tuned!


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