Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gratuitous cute animal picture

I finished the first sock, and since it doesn't look that different from the in-process pictures, the cute dog was enticed into the picture. He's looking for someone to throw his tennis ball, which I did shortly after taking the picture.Mackenzie and sock
I've added Montego Bay (Summer IK) to my knit list, and went ahead and ordered the Sea Silk in a pinky rose color. I have a pink scarf that has seen better days, and this will replace it. There are 6 inches to go on the Chevron Scarf, so better get that done before the Sea Silk arrives.

Debbie, who has taken care of my hair for years, moved to Prince Edward Island a couple of years ago, when her husband retired. She comes back every couple of months to visit family still in the area and do hair. They have a farm up on PEI. With sheep. She knows about my knitting "habit", and that DH spins, so is bringing a fleece. I'm pretty sure it's fresh off the sheep, so needs washing and skirting and whatever else it is one does with a fleece. It'll be fun, right?


Anonymous Jenn said...

Oh! Is he a Cairn? We had a black one when I was little. They're great dogs. He's so cute!

6:12 PM  

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