Monday, July 16, 2007

Bigger Booga Bag

Knitting has continued on the Montego Bay scarf, which is almost done, and on the Big Booga Bag. We spent the weekend in Vermont, where it was cool enough to knit with a giant wool blob in my lap.
I've finished the first ball of yarn, and knit 20 of the 64 rows called for in the pattern. Looking at the picture, 64 rows seems excessive. It all depends on how the turquoise yarn holds out. The plan for the stripes is to make the black stripe 1/2 the width of the first stripe, and continue with narrower and narrower stripes.

The second picture is to try to put the size in context. My original plan was to put the dog in the bag, but he wasn't in the mood.


Blogger Ya-Ya said...

I just finished a Booga bag as well and it came out pretty good. I think you definitely need the 64 rows (I actually added a couple more) because it won't be tall enough. If you want to see mine I am at You could also connect to me through Karen's blog "Musings from the self taught."

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