Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vacation shopping

or, none of this counts, does it? I went to Patternworks on July 1st, and all of their sale yarn is another 20% off for the month of July. The Fantasy Naturale is destined to be a tank top - it has several of my favorite colors. I did break down once we got home and order the Phyz from Artfibers, because nothing else is close with the colors.

The Lamb's Pride was in the sale bin, and I love the color. No plans yet.

It's hard to tell scale from the picture, but the turquoise yarn is super bulky. I'm going to knit it up in the Booga Bag pattern, but on US13 needles, not the 10 1/2 per the pattern. Hopefully it will knit up bigger; I need something other than a plastic bag to tote my tap shoes back and forth to class. I'll do the I-cord first, then knit until I run out of yarn.

It was cold and windy in New Hampshire, so plenty of knitting time. The Conwy socks in Tofutsies are finished, the Montego Bay scarf is about 1/2 done, and the cotton cable sweater is out of hibernation. It is easier on my hands to use a cable needle. I'm trying not to cast on anything new until the scarf is finished, though the latest Rockin' Sock Club, the giant Booga Bag and the cotton tank top are all calling out. We'll see how long I last!


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