Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fawkes with STR, mixed results

Despite changing needle sizes, I couldn't keep the spiral going - it switched directions on me, leaving a blob in its path. I'm not sure that I like the effect, but don't want to start over, either. Given the wild colorway, it may not matter what I do!

Pattern: Fawkes, with 4 pattern repeats on US2 dpns for the leg, then the instep knit on US2 and the sole on US1. This may become the first sock that I have ever completely frogged and reknit, with the whole sock on US1. I just weighed my sock and the remaining yarn, and the first sock has used 1/3 of the yarn. I left the ankle short just in case, and now will have a lot of leftover yarn.

I'm going to have to think about this one. I love the pattern, and it was a pretty quick knit. Fawkes will have to sit in time out while I work on my stockinette stitch sock with the Piece of Vermont yarn I got at CT Sheep and Wool, and figure out what the Firebird wants to be.


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