Saturday, August 18, 2007

In which we discover how needle size affects pooling

I finally started knitting with my Rockin' Sock Club yarn, choosing to knit Fawkes with the Firebird colorway. Thanks to Ravelry for allowing me to search on the colorway to find a pattern that I liked. Not that I don't like the Solstice Slip pattern, but the cable is so similar to the twining in Conwy that I wanted to try something different. I started on US2 dpns, and loved the way the stripes spiral around the sock. Because the sock seemed a little big, I switched to US1 dpsn for the last pattern repeat before the heel. The arrow highlights just what happened to my lovely spiral.I tinked back to remove the damage. As I also had concerns about having enough yarn, I decided to start the heel after 3 pattern repeats instead of 4 and started the heel with the US1s. I don't mind the leg portion of the sock being a bit big as long as the foot fits snugly. I'll do the sole on US1s and the instep on US2s, and see what happens with the pooling.


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