Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stash Enhancement

I was enchanted with Grumperina's Mr. Stegs, and showed him to my son. Though a mature 12 1/2 years old, he still wants the Steg family. Thanks to the sale at WEBS, we have dad (purple), mom (pink) and offspring (variegated). I have no clue how to make the offspring, (okay, obviously in real life I do) so hopefully I'll figure it out by the time Mr. and Mrs. Stegs are complete.

Now, the Stegs family yarn is just a small part of what I bought from WEBS. Something about the word "SALE" rewired my brain. My total order is this:

Which doesn't look quite as scary as it did on the table. The Steg family yarn is accounted for, as is the white "bubble" yarn for Denise's knitting starter kit. Everything else, well, I had plans when I ordered it. Colors and quantities, each had a specific purpose. Now - no clue whatsoever. The cone is for weaving, but other than that, I don't know what I had planned. Now I'm drooling over the Knitpicks catalog, with even more potential projects. I need a lace shawl, and more socks, and I promised DH I'd knit him a knife carrier - for when he cooks elsewhere. His knives are sharpened to his specifications, so must be able to travel. I'm planning something with a leather lining.

Finally got the loom warped with the black Tencel, and started weaving with the Plymouth Chinchilla - this looks very promising, and completely different than if knit:

Off to work on DS's tiger hat (Opal sock yarn from the Rainforest collection) - if only he can be persuaded that the tiger hat doesn't need ears!


Blogger Karen said...

Why, SALE is my favorite four-letter word!! Looks like you got some great stuff from the WEBS sale. Kinda funny when the yarn comes and you've forgotten what you had in mind for it though. LOL Sounds familiar. I can't wait to see the Stegs family - I was quite enamored when I saw them on Grumperia's blog too.

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