Saturday, June 24, 2006

Camp for Mom

Sometime last fall, the idea of weaving, in addition to knitting, became implanted in my brain. (Sound of Silence, anyone?). So I read books, and searched on-line, and found some wonderful weaving groups. The desire grew to the point where my main Christmas present was a Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom. Unlike knitting, where the initial outlay is small, weaving requires a loom. While I like the Kromski Harp, it seems like only the bigger floor looms really allow the weaver to experiment with patterns and colors and such. While I enjoy the rigid heddle loom, it's not what I'm looking for.

With the Kromski Harp, I've made several kitchen towels, and the ill-fated scarf/shelf runner. Clearly, this is not something that I'll be able to teach myself. So, way back in January, I discovered that Harrisville Designs, in Harrisville NH, offered a week-long Learn to Weave workshop. From 9 to 4 each day, with access to the weaving room outside of those hours, I could learn to weave. The town is charming, and the Weaving Center offers a boardinghouse for those who wish to stay there.

This is my idea of heaven:
- 5 days with other fiber-addicted adults. One assumes that all will be women; we will try to keep an open mind.
- The cost of the workshop is exactly the same as one offered locally, only the local workshop is half the hours of instruction. If I'm going to use vacation days, I want it to be a whole day. The local workshop is 10 - 2.
- 10% off of everything at the Harrisville store. 'Nuf said.
- I'm going by myself. I love my family, but I need some me time. DD is off to Florida on a mission trip to rebuild houses wrecked by Hurricane Katrina. Let's not get into the request that all bathing suits be modest. DH and DS are off to mid-NH for a week of swmming and video games.
- No internet connection. No checking email, no requests to provide information for the folks at work. If I decide to drive the 13 miles to Keene to use the free wireless connection at Panera bread, it will be due to the coffee and pastry.
- Time for walks and knitting (Icarus, I hear you calling).

So, I may be incommunicado for the next week. I'll take plenty of pictures, write a poem about my Amazing Lace, and recharge for another year.

P.S. DD is working at the Cold Stone Creamery in Brookfield, CT. Make sure you leave a tip, especially if the red-haired kid is working. She's probably the one singing the loudest.


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Wow! Have a FABULOUS time!

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