Friday, May 26, 2006

Team building retreat

Look what my Secret Pal sent me! Truely delicious chocolate - it's already half gone! And, all the makings for a Grumperina-original hat - Optimum yarn in silver, from South West Trading Company, (did you know that Jonelle Raffino, founder of SWTC, is one of the top 50 Fast 50 business owners of 2006, according to Fast Company Magazine) and the beads. My secret pal even printed out the pattern for me! It'll have to wait for the summer of lace to be over, but I can't wait to knit this! The yarn is so soft - I almost want it to get cold again. Well, not really. I haven't even worn shorts yet.

This is a big weekend for the Amazing Lace team. We're going on a retreat to New Hampshire to see how well the individual team members can work together. The goal for the weekend is to determine which combination of team members will work best for a number of varied situations: knitting in the car, knitting in the car with a sleeping dog in the lap (definitely a stretch goal), hikes in the woods, quiet afternoons on the porch, boat rides (another stretch goal situation), shopping, evenings by the fire and a cocktail party or two.

Final team selections will be made after the retreat.


Blogger silverarrowknits said...

Your secret pal is so sweet! I keep looking at Grumperina's hat pattern. I look forward to seeing you make it in the future.

Good luck bonding with your Amazing Lace teammates. I need to do that myself this weekend.

10:15 PM  

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