Monday, October 02, 2006

In which the Random Knitter joins many KAL...

In keeping with the joining theme, we visit the virtual community today. In addition to the Icarus KAL (still knitting chart #1, though almost done), I've signed up for the following:

The goal of this KAL is to focus on socks, whether it be learning, finishing, knitting some for charity, etc. Current socks on the needles are the second sock of the second pair of Cascade Fixation footies (also a KAL) and the first Snakes on a Sock pattern from Lime and Violet (see below for KAL). Then there is the second sock for Thuja with some Trekking XXL, though I don't like how the first one fits, it's a little small. I will rip out the Kitchener and toe decreases, then make the sock a little longer. And some other socks that show up a little later.

SP8 was so much fun that I want to do it again. Rhinebeck will be the perfect hunting ground for SP9 stuff - the hard part will be doling it out over the 3 months.

Snakes on a Sock - if you haven't heard of Lime & Violet, you owe it to yourself to find out. They've burst upon the podcasting scene with a humorous (okay, hysterically funny) weekly podcast; as far as I know, the only one with two hosts. The Snakes on a Sock (SoaS) pattern is available for download, one of many riffs on the Snakes on a Plane movie debacle. The pattern is much better than the movie.

In addition to podcast, forum, patterns and action figures (well, not action figures yet; it's only a matter of time) there is a Lime and Violet colorway from Lisa Souza. So, we have an interesting twist on a KAL - not on a pattern, but a yarn. And I'm the co-host! The official start is Friday the 13th, but signups are open and participants can start knitting whenever they want. I have the yarn, and am leaning towards a pattern from Sensational Knitting Socks.

Mostly I'm knitting Icarus. Each row is 300+ stitches, and takes forever.


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Good times - I really need to check in with all my KALs one of these days . . .

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