Tuesday, August 08, 2006

FOs and a hint

Branching Out is finished, including blocking, and I'll probably wear it to work tomorrow.

The Broadripple socks are done, and I'm sad that they have to leave - they are very comfortable. My SIL will enjoy them - she picked out the colors.

The Cascade Fixation ankle socks get to stay here, and I'll wear them to tap class on Thursday - someone might get a look at them. The cushy nature of the sock will be welcome for tapping, that's for sure. My first attempt at a short row heel and toe. I like the heel, though with the minimal number of stitches the heel of the sock was a little low, so I crocheted on several additional rows across the back so the sock won't fall off. The variegated yarn hides my wonky crocheting quite well. I had trouble with the short row toe, and getting the yarn in the right place to do the grafting. I may go back to the standard toe for the next pair. Yes, there is a next pair already. I went to Patternworks up in Centre Harbor, and picked up some more Cascade Fixation. My apologies to those who entered my little contest - no one guessed that Patternworks would be my destination.

The solution to my "Where's the lace?" picture:

The Broadripple socks, carefully scattered amongst the beach towels and water paraphenalia. The hot pink sock is on the hot pink towel, and the green sock has its pink toe carefully hidden on a matching T-shirt.


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Branching Out looks great! Maybe I should finish my own...

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