Sunday, December 16, 2007

2 more stockings complete

This is my attempt at stranded color knitting. I'm not thrilled with the shaping on the stocking, as there wasn't anything in the pattern about how to modify the color chart as the decreases took place. And it looks a little odd. As long as it is filled with presents, the recepient won't care.
This is the gansey style stocking, which turned about to be bigger than expected, even though I went down 2 needle sizes. I would have liked the resulting fabric to be firmer, but was worried that the stocking would be too small with a yet smaller needle. Turned out not to be a problem.

Now I have to cast on for my stocking, which is a giant argyle. I do have a backup for Christmas Eve, as it's doubtful that mine will be finished. Though, with another snow storm or two I may have a chance.


Blogger Karen said...

It's so gorgeous!!! Good luck on getting that last one done.

5:02 PM  

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