Monday, May 15, 2006

WIP Update

I had a rare Friday evening, where I was the only one home. So I spent some time working on each of my projects. There wasn't anyone to give me strange looks as I kept changing what I was knitting (and weaving). Even though I've made progress on the weaving, it looks the same as last time, so no new pictures.

First up, the Trekking XXL sock (cue Unchained Melody). I love this sock. The colors, the feel, the pattern, (Thuja from Knitty, thank you Karen). The sock was last in the rotation or the others wouldn't have had a turn.

Then we have Branching Out, from Knitty, on the Plymouth Royal Bamboo. I'm not sure about the bottom edge, it seems to be pulling upwards. I could block this section, and see if it straightens out, or just keep knitting and hope that blocking fixes it when I'm all done. Yup, I'm still knitting. This is a good introduction to lace - I really have to pay attention. Luckily the yarn tinks nicely, as I've found out a number of times now. So far so good.

Then, the windchime, or corkscrew scarf from the Knitting Guild meeting. It should keep twisting about, but the yarn has a distinctly winter feel, so I don't feel like working on it now. Really, I'm not working on it because it's not a sock and it's not lace.

The cotton cable pullover is starting to come together - I've gotten the no-cable needle cable down pretty well. I haven't been faithful to knitting a few rows every night, or I'd be a lot further. It's the sock's fault.

Last, but not least, are almost all of the pieces to make Mrs. Stegs. Why the purple is female I don't know. Not my call.

I rounded out the soggy weekend by ordering the yarn for my next set of projects - mostly of the lace variety. My strategy for the Amazing Lace is to have a team with bench strength. More on that later.


Blogger Liz said...

Sure. Blame it all on the sock. "A team with bench strength" sounds like a great idea. My teammate and I are locked in a power struggle it seems.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Ah ha, you decided to go with Thuja. I hope the work out for you . . . mine are my favorite socks so hopefully I haven't steered you wrong. :) Your Branching Out looks like it's coming along great. I tried to start some lace yesterday and failed miserably. :(

6:04 PM  

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